Our Story

As goldsmiths, it is our passion to create unique pieces of jewellery from the finest materials nature offers us. We are known as a creator of high quality jewellery, having been featured in a number of design and fashion publications. Based in Hamburg and London, we have set out to create the finest eternity rings and matching accessories, our ForEternity collection.

The Founder Story

…is a family story.
Quintin Nel, designer, master diamond setter and owner of a renowned jewelry business in Hamburg, Germany has teamed up with Walter Rogowski (his brother-in-law) to enable the pair to make high quality eternity jewellery available at fair prices. Walter’s background in technology and e-commerce complements Quintin’s creative talents and over 25 years of experience in the jewellery trade.
We both share the same vision of combining sophisticated design and skilled craftsmanship with excellent customer service.

Our Vision

Today, if you are looking to buy jewellery online, you will meet a wide selection that is simply overwhelming. Much of this jewellery is mass-produced in low-wage countries, under working and environmental conditions we can’t imagine. That doesn’t feel right. We would like to oppose this.

That is why our jewellery is made exclusively in Germany. The quality of products handmade in Germany still maintains an excellent reputation worldwide.

Each ForEternity ring is individually produced for you by our master goldsmiths. During a meticulous final inspection, we check the ring size, metal polish and fit of all gemstones. Once we are confident that we have done everything to make sure you love your new eternity ring, we carefully package and ship it to you.

Ethics and Corporate Responsibility

The enthusiastic reactions of our customers to the eternity rings produced in our workshop show us that awareness of fair trade, the treatment of employees, resources and our environment is growing.

We are committed to acting ethically, socially and ecologically responsibly. That is why we produce locally in Germany. We are proud that the best goldsmiths and gem setters work for us. We see our employees as part of the family and treat them as such.

We can guarantee sustainability for all our materials. The precious metal we use is sourced from German refineries and consists of one hundred percent recycled scrap gold. This so-called “Urban Mining” creates a sustainable cycle of raw materials that conserves resources and the environment and prevents exploitation and dangerous working conditions.

All diamonds and other gemstones originate from certified conflict-free mining.

An Idea becomes a Ring

The implementation of a new idea usually begins with a drawing, often it is a whole series of draft sketches.

The next step is the creation of a three-dimensional model with our special jewellery design software. Here we see how the new design works in our metal alloys, different ring widths and stone sizes, or with different colored diamonds and gemstones.

We use rapid prototyping to bring the virtual 3D model into reality. We can touch the 3D-printed model, put it on our finger and see how it looks and feels when worn.

Harmonious proportions and a pleasant wearing comfort are very important to us. When everything is perfectly balanced, the ring becomes a new part of our collection.

On the basis of this master model, each Eternity ring you order is made especially for you in your ring size and your selected precious metal. Details on the order process can be found here.