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Eternity Ring Diamond Guide

Diamond Characteristics

The diamond is the hardest material found in nature, and its special sparkle, the much-described “fire” has always fascinated people.

When choosing a ring with diamonds you should be aware of the four essential characteristics used to determine the quality of gemstones. These are colour, cut, clarity and carat weight.


The Gemmological Institute of America’s (GIA) worldwide classification system sorts white diamonds on a scale from D (colourless) to Z (slightly coloured).

At the lower end of the scale you can already see a pronounced hue, even if these stones are still considered white. (For coloured diamonds, also called “fancy-colour”, there are own definitions.)

A diamond classified with the colour D, on the other hand, represents the king’s class here, an absolutely pure white. Of course, this classification is also reflected in the value. The range between G and J is described by the GIA as “near colourless”, a colouring is hardly noticeable here. All our Eternity rings are made exclusively with diamonds of grade G, formerly known as Top Wesselton. In our view we offer our customers the ideal balance between quality and price.


Even if the silky shine of rough diamonds has its charm, only through the facet cut the stone can unfold its true fire. Of the numerous cut shapes that have been created over the years, the round brilliant cut is by far the best known, so that the terms diamond and brilliant are often (erroneously) used as synonyms. The brilliant cut was developed around 1910. The facets are arranged in such a way that one hundred percent of the light is reflected. And at the slightest movement it glitters and sparkles like crazy!

For our Eternity rings we mainly use brilliant-cut diamonds, a whole series of these sparkling masterpieces of nature is simply incomparable!

Our channel set eternity rings we also offer with princess-cut diamonds. The square shape of the stones results in a seamless diamond surface around the finger.


As a natural product, almost every diamond has small internal flaws (inclusions). These are often also affectionately called “birthmarks” – diamonds as children of Mother Earth, each unique, with its own personality.

The size of these inclusions is very precisely defined by the GIA. Simply put, the classification depends on whether and how clearly these inclusions are visible under a magnifying glass with tenfold magnification.

When selecting the stones for our Eternity rings, we aim to offer you the best price-performance ratio. The qualities SI1 and VS1 we use have tiny inclusions, but these are not visible to the naked eye and, very important to us, the brilliance is not impaired.

Carat Weight

The size of diamonds is specified in carats. One carat weighs 0.2 grams. A brilliant-cut diamond weighing one carat has a diameter of about 6.5mm.

To give you the opportunity to compare different eternity rings with each other, we have given the average number and total carat weight of the stones used for different ring sizes for all our ring models.