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Precious Metals Guide

Eternity Rings In Precious Metals

Choosing Your Eternity Ring Metal

Have you already decided which precious metal alloy you prefer? Excellent! If not, we have compiled some information on the precious metals we use below to help you make the right choice.

Most importantly, we obtain all the precious metals we use from a refinery that exclusively offers recycled metals. The recycling of old gold and electronic scrap is known as “urban mining”. This creates a sustainable cycle of raw materials that conserves resources and the environment and prevents exploitation and dangerous working conditions. As a jewellery manufacturer it is our personal concern that you as our customer can wear our pieces of jewellery with a good feeling.

We exclusively use high-quality gold alloys with a fine gold content of 750 of 1000 parts by weight (also known as 18k gold). 18k gold alloys are excellent to work with, allow a high-gloss polish, hold gemstones particularly well due to their toughness and abrasion resistance, have a distinct, luminous colour (with coloured gold alloys) and never tarnish.

18k Yellow Gold

Pure fine gold has a particularly beautiful, intense yellow color, but is not suitable for more delicate jewelry such as our Eternity rings, because it is much too soft. The addition of 125 parts each of silver and copper to the 750 parts of fine gold increases the hardness and durability of the alloy and results in the characteristic bright yellow gold colour.

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18k Rose Gold

Rose gold is also mainly alloyed with silver and copper, although the proportion of copper is slightly higher. The result is a pleasantly warm rose tone that fits every skin type perfectly. The understated elegance of rose gold has become increasingly popular over the years and has now established itself as a contemporary alternative to yellow gold.

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18k White Gold

White gold was developed in 1912/13 in Pforzheim, Germany as a more affordable alternative to platinum, which was very expensive at the time. The ability of certain white metals to “decolorize” gold as an alloying additive was utilised. At that time, nickel and zinc were mainly used. Nowadays, for reasons of allergenic compatibility, palladium is alloyed instead.

Please read our dedicated article here about white gold, choosing natural or plated gold and when you should consider platinum as an alternative.

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Platinum 950

The most precious of all jewellery metals has a turbulent history behind it. The name already indicates it: The Spanish term “Platina” means “small silver”. In the 17th century it appeared in the Spanish colonies as an accompanying material in the search for gold, but was returned to the rivers as “unripe gold”…

In the 18th century the value was finally recognized and the newly discovered precious metal quickly aroused an enthusiasm that continues to this day. The beautiful lustre and the fact that it was even rarer and therefore more exclusive than gold led to more and more high-quality diamond jewellery being produced from platinum. Remember: white gold was developed later to copy the harmonious effect of diamonds set in platinum and make it more affordable.

The times in which platinum was more than twice as expensive as gold are fortunately over, now the price has even fallen below the gold price. This does not mean that it has become “less noble”, on the contrary, the opportunity has never been so favourable to treat oneself to a beautiful piece of jewellery made of the finest of all precious metals.

The magnificent shimmer that is so characteristic of platinum brings out the best in diamonds, and its exceptional ductility prevents any signs of wear. Platinum is completely allergen-free and does not cause any skin reactions. All this makes it the ideal material for our Eternity rings.

If you are still unsure whether platinum or white gold is the right material for you, you will find further assistance here.

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